50 Signs That You Might Be An Entrepreneur

What you really need to know about the numbers.
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Self-Employed helps everyone who thinks they want to be an entrepreneur to decide if they have the personality traits to actually be one. It takes a special type of person to work for themselves without any supervision to direct projects, productivity, and daily achievements.


The idea of being self-employed sounds great, but there are traits like being a self-starter, organizer, delegator, and workaholic that are necessary to ensure your work day doesn’t involve a sofa, Netflix, and procrastination. The authors of this book aren’t saying you can’t work in your sweatpants, but they do list sweat equity as a necessary trait that goes into a successful self employed life.


Self-Employed  is a compilation of the real-life experiences of the authors as well as their entrepreneurial colleagues that helped them shape their list of necessary traits for a self-employed life. The book is divided into easy-to-read components that cover each of the 50 traits of an entrepreneur in detail. The format lets you pick up the book and start reading and applying any trait you select rather than having to read it from the first page through to the last. That should be to the entrepreneur in you!

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Good read for really anybody interested in being an entrepreneur. John and Joel did a great job of incorporating some great advice and making it fun to read. Highly recommend!

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As you may know first-hand, entrepreneurs are a distinct breed. They are unique individuals with very specific character traits and mindsets. In Self Employed, Joel Comm and John Rampton detail 50 different qualities that personify those types of individuals who could succeed as entrepreneurs. These 50 qualities also provide a framework for those with, or about to enter, careers so they can decide if they might do better working for themselves.


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John Rampton

Best known as an Entrepreneur and Connector. John was recently named #3 on Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as a blogging expert by Forbes. Awarded Top 10 Most Influential PPC Experts in the World for the past 3 years. He currently advises several companies in the bay area. Read more.

Joel Comm

Joel Comm is NY Times bestselling author, professional keynote speaker, social media marketing strategist, live video expert, technologist, brand influencer and futurist. With over two decades of experience harnessing the power of the web, publishing, social media and mobile applications to expand reach and engage in active relationship marketing, Joel is a sought-after public speaker who leaves his audiences inspired, entertained, and armed with strategic tools to create highly effective new media campaigns.

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