SelfEmployed.com consists a team of successful startup founders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers. We are you. We know your opportunities, challenges, dreams and realities. While our destinations may be different, our team of entrepreneurs, freelance developers and content writers, and self-employed marketing specialists do walk in the same shoes and are on a similar journey.

With our knowledge and experience, we have developed a platform, resource center, and mentoring program designed to help all current and future self-employed people around the world. As the brainchild of serial entrepreneur and money expert John Rampton, CEO and Co-Founder of Due, SelfEmployed.com is not just the place to grab his latest book on entrepreneurship.

A world-renowned thought leader on Internet Marketing and a seven-figure blogger, John wanted to develop a site that shares the wealth of resourceful content that he and his team of self-employed talent have built, including access to books, blogs, articles and videos, which is focused on the key issues that impact today’s self-employment market.

From establishing the best model and locating gigs to creating contracts and invoicing for your work to developing your personal brand and leveraging the best marketing tools, the SelfEmployed.com offers the best advice available and provides a platform where you can help further that knowledge by sharing your own stories, experiences, and, of course, successes.

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