The paths of most medical professionals, like dentists, physicians and chiropractors, pose a conundrum. These individuals go through immense amounts of schooling, and then they work years – if not decades – to acquire the technical acumen and artistic skill they need to be successful at their chosen craft.

And then, after dedicating this massive amount of time and effort, many take the entrepreneurial route, choosing to start their own private practice. It’s an entirely new journey, with a whole new set of skills – this time, in business. But where along the way did they learn how to become business owners? Where were they taught how to grow their practice and take it to the next level? For many, it’s the biggest (or only) gap in their education.

Tony specializes in helping these types of business owners learn the core principles of business. At Business Mastery, he provides the tools and strategies for business growth and also the foundational psychology they need to lead their team. For medical professionals, though, he has custom advice. Here are Tony’s keys to growth specifically for medical practices, taken from a recent interview he had with MedMark CEO Lisa Moler,

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